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                Hartland G2
LED Trailing / Leading Edge Push On/Off Rotary Multi-Way Dimmers
      7G2MB 1X100LED
7G27 2X100LED
7G28 3X100LED
2 gang 100W LED Multi-Way
7G29 4X100LED
4 gang 100W LED Multi-Way 7G29 4X100LED 7G28 4X100LED 7G27 4X100LED 7G2MB 4X100LED 7G2MW 4X100LED 7G2RB 4X100LED 7G24 4X100LED
144.4 x 87.4mm 35mm 4X100LED
    1 gang 100W LED Multi-Way
3 gang 100W LED Multi-Way
    7G29 1X100LED
7G29 2X100LED
7G29 3X100LED
    7G28 1X100LED
7G28 2X100LED
7G28 3X100LED
    7G27 1X100LED
7G27 2X100LED
7G27 3X100LED
    7G2MB 1X100LED
7G2MB 2X100LED
7G2MB 3X100LED
    7G2MW 1X100LED
7G2MW 2X100LED
7G2MW 3X100LED
    7G2RB 1X100LED
7G2RB 2X100LED
7G2RB 3X100LED
    7G24 1X100LED
7G24 2X100LED
7G24 3X100LED
    87.4mm x 87.4mm 35mm 1X100LED
87.4mm x 87.4mm 35mm 2X100LED
144.4mm x 87.4mm 35mm 3X100LED
      Plate Finish
Antique Brass Black Nickel Bright Chrome Matt Black
Matt White Richmond Bronze Satin Stainless
Insert Finish / Surround Colour
Antique Brass Black Nickel/Black Bright Chrome Black/Black White/White Richmond Bronze Satin Stainless
                Nominal Size: Minimum Wall Box Depth: Technical Insert Ref:
  NOTE: Tungsten filament GU10 lamps must be branded and with a fused base. NOTE: Please refer to the Dimmer Technical Section for the max Wattage. NOTE: Please contact our Technical Department for compatibility.

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