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                Smart Lighting Control
MRP4X10A+3AR Relay Pack
The Hamilton relay pack gives simple and effective
control of peripheral devices such as security systems
and fans, great for all kinds of environments: residential, hotels, restaurants, bars/clubs, health spas, museums, entertainment spaces such as home cinemas and so much more, both inside and out. It also benefits from being one of the easiest systems to install and operate.
• Standard system does not require any software knowl- edge or programming input by the specifier, installer or the end-user.
• Not reliant on manufacturer’s commissioning.
• 4 relays each rated at 10 amps plus one additional
relay rated at 3 amp.
• All 5 outputs are protected by MCBs (miniature circuit
breaker) and a mains switch disconnector.
• Individual on/off circuit control.
• Settings unaffected by power failure.
• Can easily be added to and upgraded at a later stage.
• Larger, multi-channel configurations possible by net-
working systems together.
• Multiple control options and mixes.
• Wiring between relay pack and control station is CAT5/6
cable or Beldon 20AWG cable (twisted pairs).
MRP4X10A+3AR 4 x 10A + 3A relay remote pack
Designed to comply with EN60669-2-1 (safety, operation and EMC)
Environment:         -10°C to 45°C 90% humidity non-condensing
220/240Vac 50/60Hz
4x10A Relay + 1 x 3A Relay
  457mm x 205mm x 78mm
  Standard / Approval:
 Wiring Control:
CAT 5/6 UTP cable (unscreened 4x twisted pairs) OR CAT 5/6 STP cable (screened 4x twisted pairs) OR SELV supply (<15Vdc) (To control outstations or plates)
 The relay pack consists of an enclosure housing the electronic power handling equipment. This should be mounted in a suitable and convenient location such as electrical switch room, cupboard or roof space. These locations must have good access and free airflow.
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