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                                                                           Wiring Accessories • Circuit Protection Smart Lighting Control & Audio Solutions
    Elemento IP66
 weatherproof accessories
     Hamilton Air – IP56 wireless switching system
 Add the all-weather touch to Gardens Hamilton Air –
Elemento –
a safe and reliable way to deliver power outdoors
• IP66 rated lockable casings
• Socket outlets, switches, connection units & enclosures
• Lockable 2 gang switched socket outlet as standard
• NEW RCD units, Retractive Switch, Double Pole Switch
LED Wireless Frequency IP56 Compatibility Switching Range Weatherproof
take remote control of multiple outdoor circuits
• IP56 rated, 4x 5A/1.25KW channel unit
• Ideal for garden lighting, ponds, garage doors and gates • Wireless control using key fob & wall plates
• Operating Range: 250 metres
Stylish Easy Durable Product Design Installation Finish Guarantee
      You need to be tough to survive outdoors!
Wiring Accessories • Smar t Lighting Control & Audio Solutions
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