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                Smart Lighting Control
MDP4X600+3AR+E Dimming Pack - with built in Ethernet Bridge
 The Hamilton dimming pack gives simple and effective control of lighting and building systems. It also benefits from being one of the easiest systems to install and operate, allowing you to transform a space to suit any mood and is essential for creating the right atmosphere in all kinds of environments. The MDP4x600+3AR-E has the added bonus of wireless control. Simply connect the integrated Ethernet port to a wireless router to allow full control of the lighting system from the Hamilton® App via a smart device or tablet.
• 4 channels each rated at 600W, 150W LED, plus one additional 3 amp relay output, so that you have the ability to switch on non-dim circuit items such as an extractor fan.
• All 5 outputs are protected by MCBs (miniature circuit breaker) and a mains switch disconnector.
• Soft start feature prevents nuisance tripping and extends lamp life.
• Not reliant on manufacturer’s commissioning.
• Individual circuit control for on/off, raise/lower.
• LED lamp compatible*
• Settings unaffected by power failure.
• Easily added to and upgraded at a later stage.
• Multiple control options and mixes.
• Wiring between dimmer pack and control station is
CAT5/6 cable or Beldon 20AWG cable (twisted pairs).
• On board Ethernet interface.
• Remote control from smart phone or tablet via app.
• Variable fade rates.
MDP4X600+3AR+E 4 x 600W + 3A relay dimmer pack with built in Ethernet Bridge
Designed to comply with EN60669-2-1 (safety, operation and EMC)
 220/240Vac 50/60Hz
  Power Output:
 600 watts per circuit/150 LED 1 x 3A Relay
 -10°C to 45°C 90% humidity non-condensing
Resistive LV with selected electronic transformers Selected LEDs*
  No. of Channels:
  -10˚C to 45˚C 90% humidity non-condensing
457mm x 205mm x 78mm
  5.3KG Approx
  Standard / Approval:
 Wiring Control:
CAT 5/6 UTP cable (unscreened 4x twisted pairs) OR
CAT 5/6 STP cable (screened 4x twisted pairs) OR
SELV supply (<15Vdc) (To control outstations or plates) OR Belden 1502R
10 Mbps RJ45
 Remote Dimmer Packs
                             For LED compatibility Hamilton recommends:
*De-rate dimmers by 75% eg. 600Watt dimmer = 150W LED
Due to the different design and component variations we recommend that when dimming mains (GU10) type LEDs compatibility is sought between dimmer and lamp prior to purchase and installation. For more information contact our technical support.
Ethernet port to wireless router
                                          SMART LIGHTING

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