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                                                           Smart Lighting Training Programmes
 Training Courses – Train your way to the top Course (1 Day): Essentials in Smart Lighting Control & Wireless Audio
Demand for smart lighting control is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and smart technology is ever-present in all areas of our lives both work and play. For electrical contractors, the requirement to fit hardware
– switch plates and touch-screen controllers remains, but customers expect the ability to control lighting with their smart devices too. Hamilton provides classroom-based training sessions at its dedicated training centres. Installers get a detailed introduction to smart lighting control, along with tuition on how to complete a full system installation without
the need for programming. At individual workstations, trainees are taught to select the right system component for a project and install Hamilton’s plug-and-play, programming free, four-channel lighting control solution.
Following this, they are shown how configure the system for their own individual project
through laptop programming. They will be shown how to incorporate 1-10V dimming, DALI, RGB and blind control into a system design and discuss any additional factors they might need to discuss with their client whilst designing a system.
Trainees are also able to get hands on with our new Wireless audio streaming products. These include stand alone wireless music speakers and fixed amplifiers. They can use our audio app to link devices and stream via Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and select Tune-In stations word-wide.
We believe it’s really important to get one- on-one attention during training and that’s something that we can offer in the classroom environment; we feel it’s best suited to
giving installers hands-on experience and making them feel completely at ease with the product, whatever their level or capability.
Hamilton are constantly working to ensure that our training courses remain relevant. We work alongside leading industry bodies such as CEDIA (1 Day course 4 CEDIA points) and BIID to offer accredited CPD training.
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